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Message from the Leader
Welcome to xXTriumphXx Home Page! Take a look around and enjoy the Forums. If you wish to join Apply here or Pm me (EoNenmacil) or one of my Officers, Hadessah, Poppet, or Crissx! Lvl Min is 25. Thanks For Stopping in!

~EoNnemacil Leader of xXTriumphXx~
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Guild Rules


Hey Guildies! 

Because of events of late I am instating some rules for the guild chat and guild respect. My goal is to keep this guild friendly and drama free. Keeping the speech to a PG level. I want ALL players to enjoy their stay. Please take these rules to heart. Depending on the offense it could result in removal from the guild. Punishment will be measured by the "3 strikes your out Rule". Some offenses are 3 strikes.

Guild Chat Rules.

1. Offensive sexual comments
Def: harassment, roleplaying, insults are a NO-NO!

2. Joking at some one else's expense is to far.
Def: Joking is cool and fun but if your making some one look/feel dumb stop. The person who's offended has the right to say something. Pm the person first if it does not work talk to a guild officer. 

3. Respect other guild members. 
Def: Respect others opinions even if you disagree. Friendly debate is cool but don't take it to heart.


I'll add more rules IF NEEDED. Which I am Hoping not. Remember talk to a officer if you can't fix the problem. All reports will be told to me and Hades.

Guild Guidlines

  • Guild members must respect one another at all times.
  • English in Guild Chat only please!
  • No fighting or inappropriate statements in guild forums.
  *Note* Failure to comply to these guidelines will lead to either a temporary or permanent suspension from the forums and possible boot from guild. REMEMBER GUILD IS FAMILY!
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